The development of Gaia-X began in 2019 when the ministries of economic affairs of Germany and France presented the project. At the end of 2020, the first major summit with over 5000 participants took place. Meanwhile Gaia-X has grown into a pan-European project. Together, Gaia-X will create an open, transparent, and secure federated digital ecosystem where data and services respond to common rules and are securely built, collated, and shared. It is important to ensure that the fundamental principles or European values ​​are respected and thus shape the future of Europe. Digital physical platforms and future digital twins of economic, political and social ecosystems should be based on this.

ELINOR-X also follows the following fundamental principles:

  • Data Sovereignty – No centralization of data & no data lock-in
  • Trust – Proper identification of dataspace participants
  • Legal – Data Sharing Agreements incl. legally binding signatures
  • Data Protection – Dataspaces make use of Confidential Computing
  • Technical – Highest degree of interoperability & use of open standards