Urban Data Collaborative

To set up a local data collaborative, ELINOR-X's solution offers three essential elements: technology for data exchange, framework for organization and a user interface with different functionality.

To set up a local data collaborative, ELINOR-X's solution offers three essential elements: technology for data exchange, framework for organization and a user interface with different functionality. 
For data sharing, we rely on TrustRelay's technology solution, which allows data to be shared without having to store it centrally.  
In addition to TrustRelay's Data Sharing Agreement solution, the framework includes important elements for community organization. These elements comprise a legally audited Code of Conduct template, organizational recommendations, interface definitions, and standards for data preparation.  
The user interface is based on the application and differentiates in three abstractions. Starting with a simple list view, through a data map, to a digital twin based on existing urban 3D models. 
In addition, ELINOR-X offers project-based support in setting up a local data collaborative, from sketch to implementation.



Our technical foundation is built on the proven framework of TrustRelay, a leading software-as-a-service (Saas) platform for managing data sharing between organizations.

Secure data sharing - the heart of our platform

Thanks to TrustRelay, we can provide you with highly secure data sharing among organizations. Your sensitive data is in the best hands with us, because TrustRelay guarantees the use of state-of-the-art encryption technologies and security mechanisms. Trust and data security are our top priorities.

Confidential Computing for Unrestricted Security

Our partnership with TrustRelay also allows us to integrate Confidential Computing into our data collaborative. This breakthrough technology ensures that your data always remains protected and encrypted during processing. Even we, as the platform operator, have no access to your confidential information.

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Technical foundations

ELINOR-X is based on existing concepts and established technical principles that ensure secure and consensual data exchange following the concept of governing commons. Here is an overview of the most important principles:


How to behave in a data collaborative?

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct defines the rules and guidelines that must be followed by all participants in our urban data collaborative. It forms the foundation for trustworthy and transparent collaboration among all participants.

The Code of Conduct ensures that all users treat each other with respect, maintain privacy, and protect confidential information. Adherence to this code of conduct supports the collaborative goal of effective use and visualization of data, following Elinor Ostrom's concept of governing the commons.


How do we ensure secure data exchange?

Confidential Computing

Confidential computing is an advanced technology that ensures data remains in encrypted form during processing and analysis. This means that even during computations on the data, no one, including our platform, can access it.

The level of confidentiality of data is critical, especially for sensitive public and corporate information. Confidential Computing ensures that your data is protected at all times, no matter what stage it is at within our data collaborative. 


How is data sharing regulated in the data collaborative?

Data Sharing Agreement

The Data Sharing Agreement is an agreement signed by the partners of our urban data collaborative. It regulates the conditions under which data may be exchanged, used, and shared. This agreement ensures a high level of security and trust for all parties involved.

A clearly formulated Data Sharing Agreement protects the interests of all participants and ensures that data is only used in accordance with the specified conditions. This prevents misuse or unauthorized use of data and achieves the collaborative goal of effective data use.